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The Human Centipede III (Final Sequence)

The-Human-Centipede-III---posterDirector: Tom Six

Writer: Tom Six

Cast: Dieter Laser, Laurence R. Harvey, Bree Olson, Eric Roberts, Akihiro Kitamura, Bill Hutchens, Tom Six

Cert: 18

Running time: 100mins

Year: 2015


The lowdown: Six years after launching The Human Centipede onto the global stage, and four years after part II was banned in the UK before receiving a cut release, director Tom Six completes his trilogy. Dieter Laser, the mad scientist from the original, is here a prison warden, and Laurence R. Harvey, the psycho from the sequel, his hapless sidekick. Both are wracking their brains for a solution to an unruly prison population and find the cheeky solution staring them in the face, even if it’s likely to bum out the inmates...

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A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Girl-Walks-Home-Alone-At-Night---posterDirector: Ana Lily Amirpour

Writer: Ana Lily Amirpour

Cast: Sheila Vand, Arash Marandi, Dominic Rains, Mozhan Marno, Marshall Manesh, Milad Eghbali

Cert: 15

Running time: 101mins

Year: 2014


The lowdown: Striking and seductive vampire tale from debut feature director Ana Lily Amirpour. A mash-up of David Lynch weirdness, Jim Jarmusch monochrome cool and Sergio Leone’s exaggerated framing, it’s bold and inventive in its use of vampirism as a metaphor for female empowerment. Made in the US, but set in Iran and shot in Farsi, as debuts go it recalls the intoxicating weirdness of Rian Johnson’s Brick.


The full verdict: Always nice to see a movie that does something out of the ordinary with horror’s most suave monster...

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Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad-Max---Fury-Road-posterDirector: George Miller

Writers: George Miller, Brendan McCarthy, Nico Lathouris

Cast: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Zoe Kravitz, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Nathan Jones

Cert: 15

Running time: 120mins

Year: 2015

The lowdown: 30 years beyond the Thunderdome, George Miller once more unleashes Carmageddon. And in a marketplace crowded with mopey superhero movies, how refreshing it is to breathe in the exhaust fumes of Fury Road’s inspired lunacy. Plot is distilled into a prolonged chase scene as Tom Hardy’s Max helps Charlize Theron’s Furiosa spirit precious cargo from warlord Immortan Joe. But, the stunts are just one part of the spicy stew Miller has concocted – there are sights and sounds here far beyond the imaginings of most blockbusters...

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Freaks (1932)

Freaks---posterDirector: Tod Browning

Writer: Tod Robbins (original story)

Cast: Harry Earles, Daisy Earles, Olga Baclanova, Henry Victor, Wallace Ford, Leila Hyams, Daisy Hilton, Violet Hilton

Cert: 12

Running time: 64mins

Year: 1932


The lowdown: Originally banned in the UK for 30 years, Freaks is one of cinema’s most bizarre curate’s eggs. Progressive at the time for humanising its deformed cast, nonetheless it drew condemnation globally for putting real-life “freaks” onscreen. But, this may have reflected contemporary sensibilities of “good taste” – to modern eyes uncomfortable moments remain, but Freaks is a fascinating film.


The full verdict: The real monsters are the “big people”...

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Far From The Madding Crowd (2015)

Far-From-The-Madding-Crowd---quad-posterDirector: Thomas Vinterberg

Writers: Thomas Hardy (novel), David Nicholls (screenplay)

Cast: Carey Mulligan, Mattias Schoenaerts, Michael Sheen, Tom Sturridge

Cert: 12A

Running Time: 119 mins

Year: 2015

The lowdown: A quality combination of Dogme director Thomas Vinterberg and class act Carey Mulligan turns Thomas Hardy’s nineteenth century novel into a thoroughly modern romance. Gorgeous scenery and sensual imagery transport Dorset back to its glorious haymaking heyday. Spritely in pace without losing its sweeping scope, there’s no time to parley in the barley – this is period drama for the impatient.


The full verdict: Excluding contemporary 2010 reworking Tamara Drewe, the last big screen version of Thomas Hardy’s classic tale of love, passion and animal husbandry was released ne...

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