The Raid 2 Blasts On To Blu-ray

The Raid 2 - DVD cover - Gareth EvansIt’s not often we feel compelled to write a piece on the upcoming DVD and Blu-ray release of a movie.

But then again, The Raid 2 sits at the top of our films of the year thus far list, so we’re prepared to make an exception.

If you have already experienced the baseball bat to the noggin rush that is Gareth Evans follow-up to The Raid, then you know to be excited.

If you have yet to be exposed, be prepared for a 5-star all-out explosion of cinematic verve. A film we called “The Godfather Pt II of action movies”, a film that was 18 months in pre-production and sets itself the not inconsiderable challenge of re-writing the rule book on ballistic filmmaking.

As is standard these days, extras-wise the Blu-ray trumps the DVD, boasting three featurettes, two live audience Q&As and a deleted scene. The extra to die for though is likely to be director Evans’ commentary track.

Take it from someone who had the good fortune of interviewing Evans, this guy talks about movies the way Tarantino or Edgar Wright talk about movies. His energy and enthusiasm as infectious and his insight elevates him above mere geekery.

So, come Monday 11th August you owe it to yourself to lock n’ load this movie into your DVD player, tablet or viewing device of your choosing.

Need another reason?

Check out our 5 star review.


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Really? Still another reason.

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The Raid 2 is out to buy on Monday 11th August.

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