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Terminator: Dark Fate

Director: Tim Miller

Writer: David S. Goyer, Billy Ray, Justin Rhodes

Cast: Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis, Natalia Reyes, Gabriel Luna, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Producers: James Cameron, David Ellison

Music: Junkie XL

Cinematography: Ken Seng

Editor: Julian Clarke

Cert: 15

Running time: 128mins

Year: 2019

What’s the story: Dani (Reyes) is targeted for termination by a time travelling cyborg (Luna) and protected by enhanced human soldier Grace (Davis). Joining them is legendary “mother of the future” Sarah Connor (Hamilton).

What’s the verdict: The Terminator franchise is one based on a contradiction.

“The future is not set” might be the mantra at its heart, across the series passed down from father to mother to son and b...

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Terminator: Dark Fate – The Electric Shadows Podcast

Episode 72 of The Electric Shadows Podcast is another one on location. This time our intrepid explorers in pod, Robs Daniel and Wallis, are at the London O2 braving the latest Terminator film.

In the last ten years paying to see Terminator films has been something of a fool’s errand and the trailers for Dark Fate were not promising. So, what did they think? You’ll have to listen in to find out.

Along the way the Robs also discuss the franchise overall, their love for the first two movies, a strange dream Rob D had about T2 many years ago and how a dream started this whole shebang in the first place.

Oh, and they briefly discuss which now-disgraced celebrity was in the running to play the role that made Arnie a superstar.

So, enjoy this run down of the latest Terminator mov...

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Kim Jee-woon Interview at the London Korean Film Festival

Kim Jee-woonKorean director Kim Jee-woon may not be a household name in this country, but chances are you may have come across his excellent tale of the supernatural A Tale of Two Sisters and you’ll definitely have heard of his Arnold Schwarzenegger action movie The Last Stand.

A suspense filmmaker in the same league as David Fincher or Brian De Palma, Kim Jee-woon’s movies peer into the darker corners of the human mind to stunning effect.

Kim Jee-woon - I Saw The Devil posterHis 2010 film I Saw the Devil is a serial killer classic in waiting, while The Good, The Bad, The Weird is an action movie with brains as well as brawn.

Kim is also a director who flits between feature films and short movies, and on 9th November presented four of his shorts to great acclaim at the London Korean Film Festival.

We caught up with him to discuss sho...

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