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Eye in the Sky

Eye-in-the-Sky-posterDirector: Gavin Hood

Writer: Guy Hibbert

Cast: Helen Mirren, Alan Rickman, Aaron Paul, Jeremy Northam, Iain Glen, Barkhad Abdi

Cert: 15

Running time: 102mins

Year: 2016

What’s the story: A British Colonel tracks high-ranking members of a terrorist group to a house in Kenya. Her orders for a drone strike become complicated by the arrival of a girl selling bread outside.


What’s the verdict: Drone warfare and terrorist insurgency were touched upon in director Gavin Hood’s previous film, the underrated Ender’s Game and take centre stage in Eye in the Sky.

Helen Mirren impresses as the steel-nerved Colonel Powell (a role originally intended for a man) whose long hunt for the terrorists (including a radicalised British national) seems to have borne fruit...

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Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips - poster, Tom HanksDirector: Paul Greengrass

Cast: Tom Hanks, Barkhad Abdi, Addirahman, Faysal Ahmed, Mahat M Ali, Michael Cherums, Catherine Keener

Cert: 12A

Running Time: 134 mins

Year: 2013


The lowdown: Batten down the hatches for this nail-biting biopic, boasting an Oscar-baiting return to form from everyone’s favourite everyman Tom Hanks. Recreating the five days in April 2009 when Somali pirates boarded US container ship Maesk Alabama and took its Captain Richard Phillips hostage. United 93 director Paul Greengrass once again crafts a taut thriller around a real-life crisis without sacrificing authenticity or humanity.

Captain Phillips - Tom Hanks, Somalian pirates, gunpoint930353 - Captain Phillips

The verdict: Anyone expecting an Uncle Sam vs. The Savages set-up will be disappointed. Tub-thumping political agendas are resisted...

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