100th Episode! – The Movie Robcast

The Movie Robcast reaches its 100th episode! In a bumper edition, Robs Daniel & Wallis recount favourite movie watching memories, oddest trips to the cinema, the dangers of revisiting cherished films… and the dangers of comparing themselves to Simon & Garfunkel.

Excitingly, past contributors Ian & Ronan Bird, Jasen Govinden, Sarah Johnson, Tessa Scott and Adrian Zak also sent through movie thoughts. All are wonderful, so huge thanks to them for taking time to make the episode better than it would be have been with just the Robs blathering.

Ian & Ronan Bird can be heard from 26:52

Tessa Scott can be heard from 44:33

Adrian Zak can be heard from 01.04.55

Jasen Govinden (and his daughter Amelie) can be heard from 01:22:30

Sarah Johnson can be heard from 01.31.25

The Robs kick off the episode with a swift review of another beloved movie double act, Bill & Ted, who have returned after almost 30 years to Face the Music. Was this encore worth the wait?

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Stay safe, mask up when out and about, and watch good movies!

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