A Look Back at 2020 – The Movie Robcast

For most, 2020 was the worst year in memory. Light in the darkness however came not from movie projectors, but the glow of TV screens as we were all forced inside for most of the year.

While many major films were shunted back to 2021, 2020 was still a quality year for the movies. In this episode the Robs, ably assisted by a roster of special guests including The Honeymoon Period podcast, review the past 12 months in filmland.

There have been wonderful highs, including Parasite, Shirley, Possessor, Mangrove, Saint Maud, Host, and Portrait of a Lady of Fire amongst others.

Not everything has been rosy, and subpar movies were led by the self-satisfied banality of Tenet.

One other bright spot is that 2020 is the inaugural year of The Robbies, a set of awards we’ve decided to give? Listen on to hear who wins Best Actor, Actress, Script and so on. It’s like the Oscars, but with fewer songs and under 5 hours long. We also end with The Movie Robcasts’ Top 10 of 2020.  

In a year where there hasn’t been much to cheer about, the movies have delivered once again.

As always, thanks for listening and here’s to getting back into cinemas next year.


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