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Episode 88 sees the two Robs taking a deep dive into four films fast-tracked to home rental when Coronavirus closed cinemas.  Bloodshot, Military Wives, Emma and The Hunt. With such a mixed bag, it should be no surprise to read it’s a case of good and bad (not much ugly though). 

There is only one real stinker in the bunch, another that never quite finds the correct tone, one is an absolute blast, and another is a Top 10 of the Year contender.  But, which is which? You’ll have to listen to find out… although you may be able to guess which one will not be a candidate for best of the year lists.

The Robs are remote recording again, still sticking to the rules of social distancing. During the episode, Rob W is brought light refreshment from a family member. Rob D, who is social distancing alone, is taunted by an ice cream van.  

We hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. As always, thank you for listening. 

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Thank you again, take care, and The Movie Robcast will return… with a James Bond classic.


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