FrightFest 2013 so far…

Random thoughts on this year’s Frightfest.

Haven’t seen a real duffer yet. ¬†Frankenstein’s Army was better

with an audience than when I saw it on a screener a few month’s back, so a nice surprise.

I’m in a minority with The Dead 2 – liked the sense of adventure, the unique feel through shooting on location, the character arcs, the glimpses of gore and an attempt to get some of the culture into the movie.

Gareth Evans gave some plot details of The Raid 2 and it sounds like a crime epic, with a large timeframe and a car chase! When I saw The Raid I thought, imagine what this guy could do with a car chase, and it sounds amazing.

I’m gutted I didn’t see The Raid 2 footage. Above was from an ace 1-2-1 interview.

Today’s Corruption screening should be a goody, it looks insane.

Finally – WordPress’ iPad app stinks. Has taken me 20 minutes to write this!