Greyhound & Palm Springs (feat. The Old Guard) – The Movie Robcast

Episode 96 of The Movie Robcast looks at two very different films, both of which bypassed cinemas due to coronavirus to premiere on streaming services.

Tom Hanks’ Greyhound tells the World War 2 tale of a captain having to steer a convoy of ships through U-boat infested waters in the North Atlantic. Friend of the podcast Adrian Zak cameos to give his opinion on this lean, impressive naval thriller which has docked on Apple TV+.

Then onto Palm Springs, an imaginative spin on the Groundhog Day premise starring Andy Samberg, Cristin Milioti and J.K. Simmons, and which can be found on Hulu. The Palm Springs discussion begins at 55.55.

Rob Wallis also took one for the team and watched The Old Guard, starring Charlize Theron and which just dropped on Netflix.


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Here is that 1,000 word feature on the Greyhound trailer:

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Stay safe, mask up when out and about, and watch good movies!

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