Jaws 45th Anniversary Special – The Electric Shadows Podcast

Episode 104 of The Movie Robcast takes a deep dive into the wonders of Jaws, quite simply one of the finest films ever made.

To mark the movie’s 45th anniversary, Robs Daniel & Wallis are joined by Jaws-ophiles, and friends of the show, Sarah Johnson and Adrian Zak. Together they discuss what makes Steven Spielberg’s game changing movie a masterpiece.

In an epic review, our cinematic seafarers discuss the legendarily difficult shoot, differences between book and film (needs less Mafia and adultery), the unusual casting, the score and why the shark is still working almost 50 years later.

A Jaws discussion would not be complete without venturing into the troubled waters of the sequels, and the relatively calmer currents of the Jaws rip-offs and “homages”. No Jaws sequel comes close to the greatness of Piranha, Orca or The Shallows.

During the episode, Sarah mentions a YouTube video featuring enhanced shark FX for a sequence in Jaws: The Revenge. Watch that clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdWt86k6qBA

Also, when discussing a film like Jaws it’s only fitting that we’d need a bigger podcast. So, check out episode 105 for Jaws Revisited, in which we are joined by Elaine and Mark Gregersen of The Honeymoon Period for a fin-tastic chat!


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