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For multiple obvious reasons, No Time to Die has been moved back to November. But we still wanted to give you a Bond episode for April.

There were twenty-four 007 missions from which to choose, including some of the most influential films ever made. So, why did we go for Moonraker, the Bond film typically dismissed as the Star Wars rip-off with a double-taking pigeon?

The short answer is because Rob W likes it. The longer answer is, because Rob W likes it and Rob D was scared Rob W would go full-on Jaws if he didn’t get his way. That’s also the false answer.

The real reason is because Moonraker is a fascinating Bond film. Hot off the phenomenal success of The Spy Who Loved Me, the producers basically remade that film again but merged with George Lucas’ space smash and Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

In a packed episode, the Robs compare the film to Ian Fleming’s source novel (they are very different), try to make sense of a plot that plays like the ultimate cheese dream, and discuss the legitimately impressive filmmaking that makes this a better Bond than you remember.

There is also space (ha ha) for the Robs to belt out their own Bond song. Now, do pay attention 007…

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The Movie Robcast will return. Comparing a 90s classic with a 2020 video game adaptation. All will be revealed in episode 90!


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