Mulan (2020) – The Movie Robcast

The Movie Robcast reaches episode 99! And in the final double digit episode before we boldly to get into three figures (*gasp*) Robs Daniel and Wallis cast an eye over Disney’s live action Mulan remake.

The pair were really rather impressed with the 1998 animated version when reviewing it back on episode 87. So, what do they make of this $200m reimagining that has bypassed cinemas to premiere on Disney+? With a £19.99 price tag…

Their chat dives deep into what’s hot and what’s not in the film, plus Hong Kong action movies, that 1998 original, plus the online calls for a boycott of the movie following star Yifei Liu’s controversial comments about the Hong Kong protests.

Then, Rob Wallis delivers his verdict on Charlie Kaufman’s I’m Thinking of Ending Things, which has premiered on Netflix. The Twittersphere declared it a headscratcher of Tenet proportions, but what does Mr. Wallis think?

Enjoy… and xièxiè(or thank you)!

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