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In episode 56 of The Electric Shadows Podcast we commemorate the 25th anniversary of Bill Hicks’ death. Rob Daniel and Ian Bird, who are both old enough to remember the shock at discovering the comedian had died of pancreatic cancer aged 32, discuss why Hicks has remained relevant and remembered a quarter of a century later. Their chat was recorded late one night in Manchester, so it all becomes quite drunken and gigglesome by the time they recall their favourite routines.

But, there’s space before that to run through Hicks’ career, the impact his comedy has made on their lives, and broaden it out to chat about other funny men. Denis Leary, Stewart Lee, Frankie Boyle, Jerry Seinfeld, they’re all here.

As we’re a movies podcast, the Robs Daniel and Wallis debate the merits of the proposed Richard Linklater Hicks biopic. Plus, how to avoid the traps of dreariness most based-on-a-real-life movies tumble into.

We’re excited to welcome Adrian Zak to the podcast. Regular listeners will have heard mention of “our friend Adrian”, and we had to get him on to hear his experiences of seeing Bill perform not once, but twice. We’re jealous, but in a good way.

Finally, we apologise for the indulgent amount of Bill Hicks clips crammed into this episode. But, when you’re paying tribute to one of the all-time masters of stand-up comedy, sometimes you just let the man talk for himself.

Bill Hicks died on 26th February 1994. We still enjoy taking the ride with him.

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