Vincent Kamp’s The Long Game Exhibition


At Electric Shadows, we like art of all stripes. Particularly when that art is infused with an achingly cool sense of noir. A painter who has recently grabbed our attention is Vincent Kamp.

For his latest solo exhibition, on Thursday 8th November Kamp will turn Mayfair’s Clarendon Fine Art gallery into a den of iniquity, featuring wily card sharps, inked mobsters and gun-toting barmaids.

Comprising thirty new paintings and featuring a cast of twenty characters, The Long Game tells the story of a high stakes poker match that ends badly.  For one night only, the cast will be present, alongside ‘the narrator’, re-enacting the story to create a unique interactive experience for the viewer.

Acknowledged as one of Britain’s most evocative and exciting new figurative artists, Kamp is fascinated by the underground world of urban subculture and crime noir cinema. His paintings delve beneath the surface of social class, creating intense portraits of people cast in a world of cinematic lighting, brooding tension and impending drama.

Influenced by crime stories on the big screen and small, the artist has absorbed as much about composition and lighting from cinematographers as from the old masters. His arresting and mesmerising portraits evoke emotion and intrigue about the backstory and future of the characters… if they have a future.

The Long Game opens at Clarendon Fine Art, 46 Dover St, W1S 4FF. Thursday 8th November event is a private viewing. The exhibition will then be open to all until Saturday 24th November

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Kamp was voted Artist of the Year 2017 by Talented Art Fair. Click here for his website

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