#2 – Size doesn’t matter (Game of Death, 1978)

Why Lee-mendous: Game of Death was a cash-in on the Lee craze that swept the world in the wake of his death in 1973.

Using doubles and cheapo techniques such as sticking a photo of Lee to a mirror(!), it is disappointing that Enter the Dragon director Robert Clouse helmed such nonsense.

But, the final pagoda scene taken from Lee’s uncompleted Game of Death movie is worth the wait. Employing his philosophy of moving between styles, he battles different opponents, including real-life star pupil Dan Inosanto.

The climax, when Lee faces Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s 7ft 2in silent assassin, is a delirious spectacle. Having to improvise against such an unusual opponent, Lee’s speed is seen to stunning effect. But, the star’s humour is also evident as Jabaar effortlessly holds Lee at arm’s length in the initial stages of the fight.

Interesting-Lee: The yellow tracksuit has become an iconic movie costume, most notably paid homage in Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol 1.

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