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Would it be cheesy to describe episode 91 as “suh-MO-kin’!”? It would? Okay, we’ll Carrey on at a slightly more measured tone. 

With Sonic the Hedgehog still one of the country’s most recent movie releases despite hitting cinemas in February, the two Robs decided to delve deep into Jim Carrey’s catalogue and review more than the blue-rinse speed hog. Although they do talk Sonic, don’t worry.

For Rob Wallis in 1994, Carrey was a formative movie influence. For Rob Daniel, more advanced in years and considerably creakier, Carrey was an annoyance besmirching the good name of cinema. Ironically, both the Robs learnt to like Jim through The Mask, that zany family movie that happily still holds up today.

The Robs look at how Mr. C’s comic persona operates along specific lines, yet is flexible enough to fit movies as diverse as The Truman Show, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Dumb and Dumber and Sonic the Hedgehog. And how it sometimes goes wrong… *cough*, Ace Ventura and The Number 23.

At one point the discussion covers Carrey’s 2009 version of A Christmas Carol. Rob W reviewed it upon first release and his take on the movie is well worth a read, here…

An easy actor to now take for granted or dismiss entirely (and his public comments on vaccines don’t help), it was a genuine surprise to discover how much fun is to be had in reviewing what is a remarkably rich filmography.

So… shall we get to it? Alrighty then…


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