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Episode 39 of The Electric Shadows Podcast is the agony and the ecstasy.

The agony comes from Rob Daniel, who talks (at length) about his ongoing recuperation following surgery after a particularly non-heroic “sports injury”.

The ecstasy comes Rob Wallis, who, being sound of body was able to see Black Panther – aka Contender for the Biggest Film of 2018, aka Contender for the Most Culturally Significant Film of 2018, aka The Film You Really Should Have Seen By Now. So Rob W lets Rob D know about all the good stuff he has been missing. Rob D bravely listens without sounding too despondent.

Our intrepid casters in pod then tackle a brace of disappointing Netflix sigh-fi efforts: Mute and The Cloverfield Paradox. Rob W remembers the time Mute director Duncan Jones praised him for his geek knowledge in a Director’s Q&A, and both Robs recall how wonderful Jones’ Moon is.

Amidst all this banter, there is room for a cameo appearance from Rob D’s flatmate, Michael. Michael’s severe cold means background coughing makes a fleeting appearance. He also chips in some real words.

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