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Episode 94 of The Movie Robcast sees Robs Daniel & Wallis in the same vicinity for the first time in three months! They decided to meet in town on a sunny Sunday morning to do a social distanced podcast. Both rocking a Bane look with their face masks (and you can hear Rob D shifting his a few times, well it kept sliding down…) they tried not to get freaked out by how randomly noisy they found the great outdoors.

Take a listen, you’ll hear what we mean. We swear it wasn’t like this before lockdown…

After some discussion of what possibly lies in store vis-à-vis filmgoing for the rest of the year, the Robs take a tour of duty discussing Spike Lee’s Netflix movie, Da 5 Bloods. A sprawling, epic, wayward, flawed, exhilarating and fascinating Vietnam movie, it gives our intrepid explorers in pod plenty to talk about.


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Stay safe, watch good movies!

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