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Episode 73 journey back to The Overlook Hotel for a discussion of Doctor Sleep, the sequel to both Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining.

Robs Daniel and Wallis also take this as an opportunity to review Stanley Kubrick’s classic horror film, discussing why it still has such a hold on the imagination nearly forty years later.

Horror fans will know Kubrick changed large parts of King’s book, including the ending. So our intrepid casters in pod review how Doctor Sleep compares to King’s source novel and spins gold from referring back to Kubrick’s 1980 chiller.

They still find time for horsing around, including Rob Wallis pulling “Jack Nicholson frozen in the snow faces”. A lot of “Jack Nicholson frozen in the snow faces”. He’s just luck the wind didn’t change when we were recording. You’ll know he’s doing it when you hear the giggling…

Speaking of Mr Wallis, he penned an analysis of The Shining, plus other King adaptations, when the BFI had a retrospective of the author’s work on screen in 2017. Well worth a look, you can read it here

Now, come and play with us… forever… and ever… and ever…


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