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The Movie Robcast reaches its 90th episode! And we’re marking the occasion with bang, looking at Chris Hemsworth’s explosive actioner Extraction and Gareth Evan’s brutal crime epic Gangs of London.

The Robs find a particularly familiar whiff to Extraction. But, they take the opportunity to invoke the oeuvre of straight-to-rental favourite Scott Adkins when discussing how closely Chris Hemsworth’s movie sticks to action movie beats. They also take time to ponder the business savvy of titling a film “Avengement” as Adkins did. Tune in for why it makes more sense than you’d think.

Then onto Gangs of London. Rob D binged the whole series, while Rob W only had time to watch the first episode, so the discussion is spoiler free. But, both are impressed by what they saw and how effectively The Raid 2 director Gareth Evans has brought his signature action style to the small screen.

Throw in some musings on action filmmaking while social distancing and what other shows are currently worth a look and it’s a case of episode 90 with a bullet…

At one point, we talk about a great lockdown fight scene video a group of stuntmen created. Check it out here.

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Keep social distancing, stay safe and we’ll be back for a right Carrey-on in episode 91!


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