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Episode 135 of The Movie Robcast is a deep dive into Frank Capra’s classic 1946 Christmas favourite, It’s a Wonderful Life, featuring a gallery of lovely guests!

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01.28 – Introduction to It’s a Wonderful Life from Robs Daniel and Wallis

17.52 –Sarah Johnson describes why she loves the film, and discusses the film being investigated by the FBI, its time spent in the public domain, and what happened to it during the years of Trump’s presidency

26.58 –Adrian Zak talks about why he thinks It’s a Wonderful Life is the greatest Christmas film of all time, it’s emergence in the UK in the early 1990s as a Christmas favourite, plus, the unfortunate politics of James Stewart

34.49 – Lucy Buglass discusses her love for the film, how it still resonates to this day, and how progressive it was for the time in dealing with mental health issues and the loneliness of Christmas time

46.09 – Next we have Mark and Elaine Gregersen from The Honeymoon Period. Elaine describes seeing the movie for the first time on an early date with Mark, while Mark explains who the film’s true villain is. He goes onto explain why the best Christmas presents always come with caveats

59.00 – Tessa Scott joins us having watched It’s a Wonderful Life for the first time only hours earlier. She tells us her verdict, and her thoughts on Mary, played by the legendary Donna Reed.

01.11.32 – Sarah Buddery and MJ Smith from the Let’s Jaws For a Minute podcast join us to round off the episode. One of them has some issues with It’s A Wonderful Life, while for the other it is one of their favourite movies. Rob Wallis also takes the opportunity to unleash his Jimmy Stewart impersonation once again.

01.29.42 – The Robs outro the episode…

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