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In episode 41 of The Electric Shadows Podcast Robs Daniel & Wallis journey deep into pop culture and sci-fi when delivering their verdicts on Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One and Alex Garland’s Annihilation. In a typically all-encompassing discussion, Rob D explains why he dug the pop-culture geek-gasm of RP1, while Rob W reveals his reservations about Spielberg’s latest. Conversely, Rob W talks about why Garland’s Annihilation is a masterpiece, and Rob D is the one with the criticisms. Basically, the entire tapestry of the 21st century human experience is here.

Other topics include why releasing movies straight to streaming services could mean the end of thought-provoking mid-range cinema. Why Netflix’s insistence on squeezing end credits into a tiny-box while forcing something else on you ruins the mood. There’s also a brief diversion into why Monty Python’s Life of Brian contains the best joke of all time, and why snotty crying in movies has gots to go.

So, strap on your aural VR gear (i.e. your headphones) and enter a world of pure imagination, lots of film talk and a bunch of jokes. Some of which land, others just hit the ground hard.

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