The Electric Shadows Podcast – The Winter of the Western


Welcome to the first episode of The Electric Shadows Podcast. Technically, this was the second recorded, but the first to be posted. We’re going all Episode IV: A New Hope on this.

Currently the podcast is myself and Rob Wallis, editor of Of All The Film Blogs. In this episode we look at the Winter of the Western. Such are the coincidences of release schedules that 2016 has opened with three unusual, interesting westerns. The Revenant, The Hateful Eight and Bone Tomahawk, the latter out on Friday 19th February. All different from one another, all of meaty durations, and all using the classic genre in interesting ways.

The podcast is rough around the edges, with such niceties as music and effects to be incorporated into future installments (when I get the hang of the editing software).

But, without ado further, please enjoy the first episode of The Electric Shadows podcast…

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