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Episode 63 of The Electric Shadows Podcast is a bonus instalment capping off our Night of the Living Dead trilogy.

Those three episodes looked at George A. Romero’s six Dead films, his other movies and the zombie explosion and totaled just under six hours of edited podcast time.

But, that final episode just grazed the cranium rather than putting one in the brain, so our Living Dead series is still biting. Which is a flowery way of saying there is always something else to talk about.

This episode came about after we had recorded those three Dead episodes. A Herculean effort that took eight hours, so thanks to Rob Wallis and Ian Bird for putting up with Rob Daniel’s request that we got it all done in one day.

Post-record, Ian was kicking himself for not discussing Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal. That mouth-wateringly scandalous slice of economic satire from 1729 that remains relevant to this day.

So, the next morning we were all back in front of the microphone for a modest chat, including a discussion of flesh eating throughout the ages, in religion and popular culture. Don’t worry, there are jokes.

We would strongly recommend you listen to the previous three Night of the Living Dead instalments, which are episodes 53, 59 and 62 of The Electric Shadows Podcast. This episode refers to what we discussed there.

A quick note also that this episode was recorded in October 2018. But, as of writing, Rob D still hasn’t seen Overlord.

Anyway, let’s make a swift exit from this blurb and get on with the show. The opening track, A Modest Proposal, is by Yo$trick9, whose YouTube page can be found here.


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