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Episode 59 of The Electric Shadows Podcast is part two in our Night of the Living Dead trilogy. In episode 53, Robs Daniel and Wallis along with special guest Ian Bird took a 50th anniversary look at George A. Romero’s 1968 horror classic.

Now, they emerge from the Night and boldly move through the Dawn into the Day of the Dead. On their travels they discuss why Romero’s original zombie triumvirate continues to hold its place as one of fright cinema’s boldest accomplishments.

They examine how Romero evolved his zombie lore across the next two films. How they reflect the attitudes of the times and remain horribly relevant today. They marvel at the filmmaking, the black humour, Tom Savini’s groundbreaking make-up, and the sharp characterisation.

Rob D effuses his love of Day of the Dead’s Dr. Logan and Richard Liberty’s wonderful performance. If you can’t see the majesty of it, there’s no point in carrying on. There’s no point at all…

Everyone loves Captain Rhodes and a generous helping of clips illustrate why.

Our intrepid explorers in pod make room to also look at Romero’s other films between his zombie masterpieces, including his vampire master work Martin and the pulp-brilliance of Creepshow.

So, once again, sit back, relax and enjoy. Savour the contents. Don’t choke on ‘em…


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