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In episode 62 of The Electric Shadows Podcast we reach the final part of our Night of the Living Dead trilogy. Recorded six hours into an eight hour podcasting marathon, this episode sees our intrepid casters in pod Rob Daniel, Rob Wallis and Ian Bird ever-so slightly punchy.

But, despite the whiff of mania that had descended by that point, the daring trio managed to stay on point. Romero’s second zombie trilogy, Land of…, Diary of… and Survival of the Dead all get their day in court. Surprising to everyone is how much stronger trilogy number two now seems when compared to first release. Although Ian Bird has a dislike for Diary of the Dead he is not shy in sharing…

The discussion also covers Romero’s career between his two zombie trilogies, the now-classic Shaun of the Dead, Zack Snyder’s not-so-classic Dawn of the Dead remake (which was still successful enough to give Romero Land of the Dead), The Walking Dead and recent zombie fare.

Mention also to the sad passing of Joe Pilato, who died three days after we released episode 59, which covered Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead. His Captain Rhodes is one of horror cinema’s most memorable villains, and a performance to be relished over and over. We salute him.

Check out episodes 53 and 59 for the first two parts of our Night of the Living Dead series.

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