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In episode 65, we welcome a special guest to The Electric Shadows Podcast. Regular listeners will know that frequent ESP contributor Ian Bird knows his movies. What you may not be aware of is Ian’s 10-year-old son Ronan is also something of a film authority, particularly when it comes to monster flicks.

This isn’t patronising flattery, listen to Ronan’s 12-minute discussion of Godzilla: King of the Monsters in this episode and you’ll know what we mean. His kaiju knowledge puts Robs Daniel & Wallis in the shade. Which is why you’ll find it at the end of the podcast as there was no way their opinions could follow Ronan’s.

Don’t believe us? We’ve had to update this episode with a postscript correction on two errors the Robs have made that Ronan picked up on when listening.

If you want to check out Ian and Ronan’s thoughts first, skip forward to 38.45. Or 52.20 for that correction…

Elsewhere, the two Robs deliver their verdict on Godzilla: King of the Monsters, plus the Sky/HBO drama Chernobyl. The latter is one of the best dramas you’re going to see this year (possibly the best) and if you’ve access to Sky or HBO, then check it out. Our review is spoiler-free, and yes, even though we all kind-of know the ending, trust us, there are unbelievable moments along the way.

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