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In episode 85 of The Movie Robcast, Robs Daniel and Wallis go on an epic journey while reviewing Pixar’s Onward.

Well, they’re outside in the middle of London again as Rob Wallis is on his lunchbreak and they have to find shelter because it starts raining. It seemed epic at the time.

As they are discussing a fantasy movie, Rob W has opportunity to bust out his Gollum impersonation. It really is something rather special.

Conversation inevitably moves onto the impact of the Coronavirus. As this was recorded on March 11th, the Robs still think Disney’s live-action Mulan will be the next movie they cover. The beautiful fools. Disney subsequently announced they were postponing Mulan indefinitely, but we’ve left the discussion in because it shows how quickly things have been moving.

Elsewhere, Rob Daniel gets to show he doesn’t quite grasp the intricacies of quarantining…

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