Shazam!, Pet Sematary, Us – The Electric Shadows Podcast

The Electric Shadows Podcast reaches its 60th episode! To celebrate Robs Daniel and Wallis cram in discussions of four releases.

First up, DC’s Shazam! Has the (justice) beleaguered studio finally cracked the code for how they can make superhero films to rival those over at Marvel? The Robs swoop down to deliver their verdict.

They also dig deep into sour ground to ruminate on the latest adaptation of Pet Sematary. Based on the bonkers 1983 Stephen King bestseller, this version features Jason Clarke as the doctor who discovers he has worse things than overly acidic soil on his land. Our intrepid casters in pod reveal why this horror is plagued with unintentional giggles.

Then onto Jordan Peele’s Us, a superior slice of shiversome entertainment, though not also without issues. Saving the least for last, Rob Wallis explains why, though Tim Burton’s Dumbo may be twice the length of the original animated version, it’s no classic.

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