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Six months in the making (partially due to the epic length, partially due to Rob D’s inability to get his act together and edit it), episode 25 of The Electric Shadows Podcast is a special looking at Oliver Stone’s 1991 classic, JFK.

Over an epic running time almost matching the duration of the film itself, Rob Daniel, Rob Wallis and special guest Ian Bird dissect the merits and legacy of Stone’s controversial movie. Including a discussion of JFK as a forerunner to Fake News stories.

They also look at the assassination itself, plus it’s impact on popular culture, including the flawed, truth-seeking hero, that eventually led to Warner Bros. bankrolling the movie.

Our intrepid investigators also come up with a new conspiracy theory involving a beloved 1980s filmmaker and a Batman villian. While making room for such pop JFK references as the film Executive Action and that episode of Quantum Leap. They also can’t help liberally quoting the movie’s chewable dialogue.

It’s a big listen for a big film. We like to think it offers some interesting new perspectives on the film, or at least a couple of laughs. Not least at that opening stab at an American accent…

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So, pop in your headphones and prepare to go back… and to the left.

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