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In Episode 38 of The Electric Shadows Podcast, Robs Daniel & Wallis provide their take on the 2018 Oscar nominations.

They run through what they agree with – hello Get Out, The Shape of Water, Three Billboards, Lady Bird. They umm and ahhh over that particular film they really don’t like – seriously, how can Darkest Hour be up for Best Picture when it is not nominated in Best Director or Best Screenplay? The Robs run through the films that seem to have been snubbed – Wonder Woman, The Disaster Artist and Michael Stuhlbarg for Call Me By Your Name.

They also have fun saying Call Me By Your Name… it’ll all make sense in the podcast. Although the pair do become quite punchy running through lists of nominees. Wait til you hear their theory on how the Visual Effects in War for the Planet of the Apes were achieved…

It all kind of makes sense in the end. As does the inclusion of that Roseanne clip below.

So, thank you for listening. The Robs will also be doing an Oscar round-up podcast on Monday 5th March. Though we’ll be doing episodes before then of course…

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