Inception: 10th Anniversary – The Movie Robcast

In episode 98 of The Movie Robcast, Robs Daniel & Wallis are joined by the dreamy Mr. Ian Bird for a 10th anniversary discussion of Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

The three dive deep into Nolan’s dream world, discussing its roots in the heist movie, how it fits into Nolan’s filmography, what is good about it, what is *gasp* not so good about it, and why it endures a decade later.

And it’s not just because of the “bwaaaahhhhs”…

Rob D also has to apologise to his mum for an oversight in the Greyhound episode and Rob W slaps Rob and Ian’s legs for going off on one tangent too many. Rob W also has the best Nolan pun in history. Something that will never be bettered…

Thanks for listening and hopefully we’ll be talking about Tenet in the next episode… bwaaaaahhhhh!


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Stay safe, mask up when out and about, and watch good movies!

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